Qualified Inbound Call Transfers and Warm Transfers

Insurance calls are Policy Post’s hallmark consumer engagement solution. Delivering 100% contact rates with a guaranteed call duration, Policy Post’s insurance calls bridge the consumer’s quoting profile and intent to purchase with the insurance agent’s product mix and customer-focused sales approach.

Flexible Call Transfer Targeting and Quoting Filters

Geography: State, ZIP Code

Flexible Scheduling: Day-of-week (weekday, weekend), Time-of-Day (daytime, overnight).

Inbound Warm Transfers (IVR): Policy Post’s IVR system routes inbound insurance quote request calls directly to carrier/broker/agents. Click-to-Call programs available.

Performance-driven Programs: Flexible segmentation, contract terms and cost-per-transfer pricing that align with filters, volume, and conversion to policy sales.

Data Lead and Rating-System Integrations: Custom lead delivery integrations with CRMs, dialing systems and insurance rater systems.

Insurance Call Center Outsourcing Solutions: Policy Post’s secure and trained call center environment supports outsourcing of both licensed on non-licensed agent processes.